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Yelp Yack is a blog featuring original drawings by artist Jessica Wassil. Each illustration is based off a brutally real, random, and anonymous Yelp review. All reviews appear in their original form, so don't front on the grammar!

Yelp Yack launched on May 14th, 2010.
Expect weekly updates.

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Lord of the Fries

2nd March 11

"uuummmm What happened to this place?????

I heard they ditched all the old staff, and now there is good service and shit…and you are greeted and asked if you “have ever dined here before”?????? WHA!!?!?!?!???!

also, I heard they do that creepy kneel at your table while taking your order and wear something akin to the aprons that the droids wear at P.F. CHANGS!!

I want my carlys back.

although I did hear the menu is improved….”

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